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The continued rise of COVID in Texas and across the US (as well as travel for those of you who were needing to travel) have led us to the decision to move CAPW from an in-person to a virtual weekend. The SAFETY of the CAPW students is what is most important to us. 



·  This is actually going to be more beneficial for you this year. Most of the universities and programs have already announced that they will be doing virtual auditions. This gives us the opportunity to really assist you in learning HOW to do a virtual audition. This is a totally different skill set and one that you will need to master for the foreseeable future. 

·  We will be able to have more colleges participate and give greater feedback (due to extended time in the schedule) in a virtual environment

·  We are recording every session done ~ this gives you access to MULTIPLE versions of your songs ~ be thinking prescreens.

·  This is going to allow colleges to be virtually present who have lost their ability to travel due to quarantine issues

We are excited as we undertake this new frontier. Many university programs have already announced that they will be offering virtual performances this year and even West End is starting to do virtual performances. This is a new medium that will not be going away. We are thrilled to be able to put you on the forefront of this and get you started! Where this is not planned, we know that it is important.

Join us virtually

August 6 - 9

Welcome to College Audition Prep Weekend 2020! We are delighted to be back this year bigger and better than ever offering students and parents from across north Texas and beyond a one stop shop for all the top college musical theater programs from across the central United States.  In addition to meeting faculty and getting program overviews from each school, students will hone their audition skills with one on one feedback from faculty members, audition coaches and professionals. We also have informational talks to help students and parents navigate the complex application & audition process. We look forward to seeing you for this fun, information packed, life changing event.

Check out what Kaitlin Hopkins of Texas State University

has to say about College Audition Prep!




Head of Musical Theatre Program

Missouri State University 


Head of Musical Theatre Program

Texas State University 

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