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...and what's a parent to do...?

... while their students attend classes, mock auditions and master classes at College Audition Prep Weekend? Well, attend their own classes of course! College Audition Prep Weekend has noticed that parents often have as many or more questions about the complicated and highly competitive college audition/application process than their students. We have designed our discussions and talk back specifically with parents in mind when scheduling our programming. Nationally renowned college audition coach and author of "I Got In" Mary Anna Dennard is a wealth of information; Professor Rebecca Fredrickson brings not only the college perspective to the process but that of a mom who went through the process with her son; Financial planner Doug Bryan also has gone through the process as a parent of a daughter in college and shares his ten years experience working with families to develop financial plans to pay for college; Broadway casting director and college audition coach Dave Clemmons brings a professional perspective and unique approach to working with kids and parents. All of their sessions are designed to cover the nuts and bolts aspects of the process. And did we mention that parents can attend CAPW for free with their student's registration? Or even if your student is unavailable to come to CAPW, we have a modest observer fee which is a great value for parents on a fact finding mission. College Audition Prep Weekend 2019 is August 8-11! For more information or to register visit:

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