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College Audition Prep takes College Auditions Virtual

We are happy to announce the first virtual National College Audition dates for 2021. The first virtual National College Auditions (NATCA) will be held online the weekend of January 29-30. This will be the first virtual national audition where aspiring theater students from across the U.S. can audition for dozens of university theater and musical theater program directors and receive immediate callbacks. In the past, students and their parents had to incur the cost of travel to live auditions in New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles in order to audition. Now they can audition from home or their school and colleges will be able to contact them directly for call back interviews. “Adversity often breeds opportunity,” said Director Tracy Jordan, whose organization also produces College Audition Prep Weekend (CAPW) and College Audition Prep Intensive (CAPI). “In this time of covid related challenges to traveling and live events, we saw a need to bring college musical theater and theater programs together virtually with students from across the country wanting to audition for their programs. Drawing on our experience producing live and virtual events, we can create a forum for both students and colleges to come together which actually facilitates the process and saves both time and money.” Positive Customer Impact Parent Tracy Allen Lee stated, “Our daughter was so blessed to be a part of this year’s College Audition Prep Weekend. #CAPW2020 was a great way to get ready for her upcoming college auditions. The advice and guidance that she received from the college faculty and amazing staff was priceless. Thank you so much Tracy Jordan, Becky Ratliff Fredrickson, Dave Clemons for making this happen for her and all of these theater students.” The National Virtual College Auditions and College Audition Prep Weekend & Intensive are a response to feedback from college directors and parents. Jordan’s company, Tracy Jordan Presents, founded in 2018 after ten years building the second largest high school musical theater awards program in the U.S for Dallas Summer Musicals, services both groups through summer theater camps featuring faculty from top university musical theater programs from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and New York. He sees this as an opportunity to expand their area of services into a new area, bringing more students together with more colleges and streamlining what has been a time-consuming, expensive process.

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