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Do I have to apply to all the schools attending the National College Audition?

So, you’re wondering, “do I have to apply to all these schools I’m about to audition for in January at National College Audition?”

Well, not to worry! We’ve talked with our participating schools and told them it is a rather daunting order- to say nothing of being a fair chunk of change- and here’s what you need to know. Some schools will absolutely require you to have applied to their institution before they give you a call back. That requirement may be set by their administration and there’s not much they can do about it. Others are more flexible. So, check the websites of all the schools you’re initially interested in auditioning for to see exactly what their requirements are. Then check the other schools who will be in attendance to see if they have any requirements. Apply to the ones you feel you have to and then you might reach out to the other schools with a quick email introducing yourself and letting them know you’re looking forward to auditioning for them at NATCA. Be sure to include your Acceptd page link in case they want to take a look at you prior to the audition. That way, you’ve done a little networking, put yourself on the radar screen and let them know you’re interested in talking with them.

Look, you are already saving a ton of money this year over students who have had to make the trip to NYC, Chicago or L.A. as a “walk-up” auditionee, so don’t sweat it. Just be a savvy networker and communicator. Remember, this is a great lesson in marketing yourself- which you’re going to be doing a lot of in the years ahead as a performer. So, get used to it now and hone your skills! Don’t forget, too, that they are looking for good talent. You’re presenting them with a solution. And then, as always, don’t stress about getting into your “dream school!” There are lots of programs out there you may not even be aware of yet that are competitive, with lots to offer. Each program has its own merits and way of doing things. You’re looking for the best fit for YOU! So do your homework, research all these schools’ requirements and know what your options are and plan your strategy accordingly- and go get ‘em!

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