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Taking up the challenge...

When we learned that Collin College would no longer be conducting their North Texas Drama Auditions after over two decades, we thought, "we can't just let north Texas theater students lose that opportunity to audition for college theater programs from around the country." Despite having just a few weeks lead time, we determined to take up the challenge for the sake of our young performers. We reached out to colleges which had participated in NTDA and let them know we would be taking over presenting the auditions under the banner of the National College Audition. We had 30 colleges respond (you can view them at affirmatively that they would participate. In the interest of time and logistics, we made the decision to conduct the auditions live/via zoom connection which would also assist our colleges from across the country. We will evaluate and make a decision whether to go live in future, but are focused on this year at present. We are committed to being a resource for both our participating colleges and students and are happy to provide a forum where they can come together. Hopefully, we can help them make a connection and our Texas theater students will be able to continue their education toward pursuing their career goals. For more information or to register visit or visit/follow us on Facebook.

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