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The New Norm

Takeaways from the Covid sequester for college auditions...

One aspect of the 2020-21 COVID influence on college auditions is that with recruiters and directors having to remotely conduct virtual auditions, college administrators realized they didn't necessarily have to budget money for recruiting trips. So you can expect to see many colleges conducting at least their early stage auditions virtually. This puts more pressure on you to be as prepared as possible to make your best impression. There's a lot riding on that 90 second audition. Does your song and monologue selection show off your talents to their best? Do you come across comfortable and confident or nervous/anxious? Do you have your timing down so you don't get cut off? These and other aspects we will work on at College Audition Prep Weekend to help you feel you're putting your best foot forward whether you're auditioning live or virtually. CAPW is Aug. 4-8, hosted this year at Guyer HS in Denton, TX. For more info or to register visit Space is limited so make your reservation today!

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